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Louisa and Hannah are by far the best childminders, they are caring, compassionate and they care for my son like I do. They go above and beyond to care for their children and are always happy and smiley when I see them.
I message them all the time and they are reassuring that my son is happy and send me pictures throughout the day. My son has allergies and they are forever checking to make sure he isn't having something that he's not supposed too and include his allergies in their group activities also.

I couldn't be without them, knowing my son is cared for and loved is all I could ever ask for xx

Couldn't be happier leaving my son at Little Ladybirds he absolutely loves going there always has a smile when we turn up. Louisa and Hannah always very helpful. Can't recommend enough.


Best thing I ever did was to send my son to little ladybirds! He gets excited every morning knowing he's going and is always happy when I pick him up, frequently tells me Hannah is his best friend!!! The ladies are great at communicating with you and will bend over backwards to help you.

Could not recommend enough!!

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